Trakus Live Tracking

Trakus is a real time tracking system that determines the exact location of each horse throughout a race instantaneously capturing and distributing data related to a horse’s movement and performance in a race including location, distance off the rail, speed, and distance travelled. 

The tracking system is able to provide this information by determining the exact location of each horse using a wireless frequency system with radio antennas situated around the racetrack which receive the signals generated by the corresponding radio tags that are secured in each horse’s saddlecloth.

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Please note the Trakus T-Cast, Jockey View, Aerial View & Side View video links above are only compatible with Microsoft Windows devices.

Trakus 3D Replay is only available on iOS compatible devices. To view the Trakus 3D replay, you must download the Trakus3D App from iTunes App Store. The replay will open up within the app.