MVRC has now launched its online Contractor Management system, which includes online inductions.

Under Victoria’s safety legislation any person who comes to conduct some form of work on site has to undergo a site specific inductions.

The online portal that we now have in place allows an you  to register your company details, include your scopes of work and upload your insurance / safety documentation. You will then be asked to choose the relevant online induction and complete.

Once your company has been registered and the induction completed by your organisations main point of contact for MVRC, another link will be sent to that point of contact. This link is to then be forwarded on to all staff who will be coming to work onsite at MVRC at any given time. The link contains the specific induction they need to complete and is linked to your organisations profile.

When a ‘worker’ then passes their induction they receive an email containing a QR code:

This QR code is unique to every person and allows MVRC conduct checks as to who has completed the induction. If you do not have a QR code you will be required to complete the induction onsite which has the potential to delay your work / event.

Click here to login to the OH&S online portal.