The Valley celebrates six years with the E.J. Whitten Foundation

The Valley is pleased to host the E.J. Whitten Foundation for their annual racing fundraiser on Friday 24th February.

The E.J. Whitten Foundation is named after legendary footballer Ted Whitten, and is in existence to raise the awareness of men’s health in particular prostate cancer, which claimed Ted’s life. Ted Whitten Jnr. founded the foundation after the passing of his father in 1995 and is proud of the achievements and work the foundation has done throughout the community.

“We’ve raised around $11 million over the last 20 years,” Whitten Jnr. said.

“Around 20,000 Australian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year - that results in around 3,300 deaths, which is way too many.

“We raise funds for research of prostate cancer and that money goes to various recipients including Monash University, Epworth Hospital, The Alfred Foundation and the Cancer Council of Victoria just to name a few.”

One major initiative the foundation is involved in is ‘It’s Time to Test’, a government funded awareness campaign.

“[It’s Time to Test] is put together to promote that men should look after themselves by having a regular annual health checkup including prostate checkup, said Whitten Jnr.

“It’s all about saving lives and getting men to understand that once a year ‘It’s Time to Test’.”

The foundation hosts a range of different fundraisers including football rivalry rounds, sportsman’s nights, a grand final lunch, golf days, including their own corporate golf day at Victoria Golf Club on April 12, and of course the E.J. Whitten legends football match which took on a different look in 2016.

With the AFL using the week before finals as a bye, the foundation in conjunction with new broadcaster Channel 7 saw this as a great opportunity to hold their biggest fundraiser.

“It was the first time the foundation has owned the game, so for us to create new partnerships with the AFL, Channel 7 and other organisations has been great.”

“It was a fantastic revelation this year in terms of the increased funding that we received out of the game and we hope to grow the audience at the ground and on television.”

The other big promotional event and fundraiser is the E.J Whitten Foundation racenight at The Valley, which is a favourite amongst many of the foundation’s supporters.

“We’d love to see lots of people at The Valley on Friday night,” Whiten Jnr. said.

 “We’ll have some fundraising on the night with a few auctions and some wonderful raffle prizes. Simon Marshall will be helping us with a few tips, we’ll run a sweep and have a prominent jockey and trainer who will be our guest speakers.”

“We’re hoping to provide the message to Australian men and women that men’s health is very important and that men need to understand that they need to look after their general health with annual testing. In particular if they don’t want to do it for themselves they should do it for their family, they’re the people that love them.”

There are limited seats available at the foundation’s function in The Valley’s exclusive Committee Room on Friday. To book your spot head to or call 1300 944 883.