What is a Stayer's payment Plan?

  • ‘Stayers’ is easiest way to pay your membership every year, without any fuss! It will also ensure that you receive the full suite of exclusive benefits that comes with an MVRC membership.

    • You've got two options - choose the plan that suits you!

    • 1. Stayers' Annual Plan 
      Your 2023/24 membership will be paid in full and automatically rolled over into the following season - you won’t have to worry about a thing! We will always communicate prior to the full amount being deducted.
    • 2. Stayers' Instalment Plan
    • Your 2023/24 membership will be spread over 5 equal payments commencing June 10th 2023 and finishing October 10th 2023. If you join post June 10th 2023, you can simply pay the difference to catch up.
  • Benefits
    • EASE OF ACCESS - Your membership will be automatically rolled over each year – you don’t need to lift a finger!
    • NO HIDDEN COSTS – There’s no additional fees or charges for joining either Stayers’ plan.

Whichever plan you choose, when it comes time to renew your membership, we’ll send you a notification that confirms your package and price at least five weeks before the rollover date so you can confirm any changes to your membership package or payment details before it automatically rolls over into the next season. You can choose to opt out of using our Stayers plan at any time – simply contact the MVRC Membership Coordinator directly on (03) 9373 2232 between 8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday.     

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