What is a Print-at-Home ticket? How do I use it?
A Print-at-Home ticket is an electronic ticket or e-ticket that is emailed to you as a PDF attachment. Simply print out the PDF, bring the pages with you to the event, and the turnstile operator will scan the barcode to grant you entry to the racecourse on the given date.

The PDF attachment contains one page for each ticket purchased.

Print at home tickets are used in the exact same way standard mail tickets are, except they are printed on printer paper by you instead of onto ticket stock.
Can I scan my Print-at-Home tickets using my phone?
Yes, each turnstile location has at least one scanner with ability to scan from your mobile phone. In the event your mobile device is not fully charged, or you have trouble accessing the internet to activate your email to download your ticket, we cannot guarantee entry unless we view and scan the ticket.  We therefore strongly recommend you print out the ticket and bring it to the event.
I don't have a printer / my printer doesn't work!
Many public locations offer printing services and will allow you to print out your tickets. We suggest trying your local library, an office supply store such as Officeworks, or your hotel (if you are traveling from interstate) may also be able to print the tickets for you.
I don’t have (or never received) my Print-at-Home tickets email!
If you did not receive your Print-at-Home tickets they may be in your spam filter or junk mail folder. We recommend that you check these locations before contacting us. If using a work email, your account may have filters that are blocking our emails - please contact your IT administrator to check.

Also, you may have entered your email incorrectly when placing the order or creating an account. Please double check your email inbox to make sure that you have received an account confirmation with your correct email address. Try logging in to your Moonee Valley Racing Club account. You may be able to print the ticket from there. Once logged in, select "My Orders", and click on the order number for the relevant order. You will then see an order number, and, if available, a link to download your tickets.
What is a PDF? What is Adobe? I can't open the PDF!
PDF is a file type used commonly for documents sent electronically. Most computers already have software installed to read a PDF file. If you cannot open the file you may need to download the Adobe Reader or update your Adobe Reader to the newest version.
My name is on my ticket, can someone else use it?
If your tickets do not explicitly state “Tickets are Non-transferable” then someone other than yourself can use them. They are fully transferable, just like physical tickets printed on ticket stock.
I bought a Print-at-Home ticket from someone online. Can I use it?
We cannot guarantee the validity of any order purchased by a 3rd party, nor can we give information out to anyone other than the original purchaser regarding an order. If you have purchased from a 3rd party you are doing so at your own risk.
I got an email when I bought my ticket. Do I print that out?
No. Your email confirmation is simply that, a confirmation of your purchase that acts as a receipt. It has no barcode to scan and will not get you into the venue on the day or night of the show. The tickets you need to print out are in the form on PDF attachments, and not the body of the email.
Can I email the e-tickets to someone else?
Yes, the PDF attachments can be emailed to other people; however, note that where multiple tickets have been purchased, these will all be included on the same PDF file. You will need to ensure that any people you email tickets to are aware of which tickets are theirs. 

The safest approach would be to create separate individual PDF files via the “Print to PDF’ functionality of most common software programs and only email the ones you want other people to use. (i.e. Mr. Jones purchases four tickets, of which two are for Ms. Smith. Mr. Jones uses “Print to PDF” to create a new PDF file for pages 1-2, and sends this file to Ms. Smith. Mr. Jones then prints Pages 3-4 on a printer and brings these tickets to the event).
A Print-at-Home ticket can be re-printed as many times as you need, however a barcode may only be scanned once for entry, so if you have many tickets on an order or multiple orders, please make sure that each page has a different barcode. If you arrive with multiple copies of the same Print-at-Home ticket, you may be unable to gain entry to the event.

If you still have questions, please contact Customer Service on 1300 843 825.