Committee Member since
Next Election Date
Adam Lennen Chair 30/05/2017  2025 AGM
David Sinn
Vice Chair 02/08/2016
2025 AGM
John Blight
Vice Chair / Treasurer 24/11/2009
2024 AGM
David Kobritz 

2025 AGM
Peter Blunden

2023 AGM
Su-Ann Khaw    30/05/2017 2023 AGM
Anthony Durakovic   26/09/2017 2023 AGM
Jim Hogan   29/05/2018  2024 AGM
Kate O'Sullivan   29/07/2023 2024 AGM
Name  Role 
Michael Browell Chief Executive Officer
Kate Banozic Chief Operating Officer
Charlotte Mills Head of Racing
Paul Tyas Head of Hospitality
Rozalee Erceg Head of Commercial
Leigh Saville General Manager – People & Culture

MVRC Club Rules allow for nine elected Committee members. Any member who holds voting rights may be nominated for Committee. Under Club rules, three Committee members are required to retire by rotation at each Annual General Meeting, and may seek re-election. Calls for nomination are communicated to members via the Club’s member communication channels, including email updates, and On Track magazine. Nominations generally close in mid-October each year in order to meet production deadlines for the AGM if an election is required.

Nomination forms are available from the Club. Click here to request a Nomination Form.

Committee members are required to conscientiously and properly discharge the responsibilities of office as set out in the Associations Incorporated Reform Act 2012 (Vic), the Rules and By-Laws of the Club, and the MVRC Committee Guidelines and Code of Conduct, and to discharge their duties in full accordance with the above requirements in the general supervision of the activities of the Club. Committee members must at all times act honestly and use reasonable diligence in the discharge of their duties, and maintain the confidentiality of information to which they are party by virtue of such office. Failing to fulfil obligations in this respect could render the Committee person liable to criminal prosecution and civil liability.

All Committee members must be registered with the Victorian Casino and Gaming Authority as an Associated Individual for the purposes of the Club’s gaming licence.  The requirements of this registration include provision of a Police Report, Credit Report and Historical Extract from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission database.

The Rules of the Club allow for a Committee member to be removed from office if, in the opinion of two thirds of the Committee, that person prejudices or is likely to prejudice any licence which is reasonably necessary for the Club to carry on its operations, including the Club’s Venue Operator’s Licence under the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 (Victoria), Liquor Licence under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 (Victoria) and Racing Licence under the Racing Act 1958 (Victoria).

During the conduct of Committee elections, prospective Committee members are required to obey the current Election By-Laws and Protocols of the Club, including guidelines on promotion of their candidacy and use of the Club brand elements during the period of the election as determined by the Committee from time to time, and to accept the ruling of the Returning Officer in any dispute arising during the course of such elections or the ruling of the Chief Executive in any such dispute should the Returning Officer refer the matter to him or her.

Any statement submitted by a potential candidate for election must not:

  1. reflect adversely on the standing of the Club;
  2. contain any matter or thing that is likely to mislead or deceive a member in relation to the casting of their vote;
  3. make any personal criticism of another candidate or Committee Member; or
  4. offer to act as an advocate for any section of the Membership.
The Returning Officer may after consulting with the Chief Executive:
  1. approve a candidate’s statement; or
  2. reject a candidate’s statement; or
  3. request a variation to a candidate’s statement

Nominations for Committee are assessed by a Nominations Sub-Committee, who will identify and review the Committee’s existing skills mix (and any gaps), review potential candidates, and provide recommendations to Committee concerning the suitability of candidates being nominated.  These recommendations may in turn be further communicated to members, at the Committee’s absolute discretion. Even if the Nominations Sub-Committee provides a negative recommendation or no recommendation at all, the nomination will still proceed to ballot. The Nominations Sub-Committee may however reject a nomination outright if the person nominated:

  1. has been convicted of an indictable offence;
  2. is currently insolvent;
  3. will prejudice or is likely to prejudice the Club’s racing, gaming and/or liquor licenses.